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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering with Enrolmy


I had problems trying to register, what do I do?


Contact us to let us know what problems you were experiencing, sometimes it is something simple that we can advise you on. If however this is out of hours and the booking is urgent i.e (following day), you need to contact the provider directly so that they can book you in themselves.


I have multiple email addresses and have forgotten my password, I have tried to reset this, but I'm not receiving any emails to any of my email accounts?


Please make sure you check your spam and junk folders, this is especially necessary for hotmail accounts, if you are still having issues contact your provider.

Making a booking

I am unsure of which programme is best and need more information, who do I contact?


You can read more about the programmes by selecting the programme from the image and reading the providers information, however for any further details please contact the provider themselves.

I am trying to book but its not letting me, some sessions say its full and I cannot select a recurring booking, what do I do?

Sometimes if sessions are full or closed it will ask you to book by the casual calendar as it cannot offer the recurring rate if you are unable to make a recurring booking due to this. However you can contact the provider directly who may be able to allow extra spaces or offer you this rate.

I am trying to book my child but its not letting me due to age, but they are the correct age?


Enrolmy uses the age of your child at the current date, not the date of your booking, when checking if a child is old enough. As providers list activities at all times during the year (often well in advance of when they start) Enrolmy does allow children that are up to four months too young to book (ie a child that is 4 years and 8 months old can book into a 5 year old activity). Sometimes it will occur where it looks like your child is outside the criteria due to when their birthday falls. If this is the case for you please contact the provider and they can add them manually.

How do I change the days of my booking?

Please contact your provider with your change requests, if the provider allows bookings to be modified when you are logged in and select your bookings, there will be a modify this booking button, you can then add or remove days as required, otherwise you will need to contact the provider if this is not shown.

How do I add a second child?

You can add another child during the booking process. Just go to the activity you want to book and during the booking it will ask to add another child as part of the process. If you have however already booked one child in, and want to now book another as you missed it or did sometime ago, then you just make a new fresh booking for the additional sibling(s), and they automatically add to the family tree in Enrolmy when a booking is made.

I have booked a session but it does not look like its saved?

In order for a booking to save you must register and have entered a valid email address. Ensure you register and login then complete all fields requiring information to ensure your booking is complete. You will receive a booking confirmation when your booking is completed so without this you would know something went wrong. Contact us if you are sure you have completed all information but are still having issues.

I am trying to book but it is not moving on, I just have a spinning wheel on my page?

This could be connection or display issues, firstly try logging out and in again, check you internet or wifi connections also. Enrolmy also works best on Google Chrome so make sure you are using this browser to load the Enrolmy page first. If you still have issues after going back and trying later, contact us with any screenshots you can obtain which will help in a speedy resolve of the issues.

Changing a booking

How do I cancel a booking?

Please contact your provider with your cancellation request, each provider has different terms and conditions around cancellations and no show's.

I have booked my child into an activity, but would like to change the activity for another, how can I do this?

Please contact your provider they will make the change and work out any payment adjustments should there be any.

I have changed my booking but how do I get my refund?

Please contact your provider directly who will either refund you or issue a credit note depending on what you agree to.

Managing your account

I forgot my password and or email?

If you forget your password, please click on the reset password link, if you are not receiving this by email, it may be in you junk folder or you may have set up two accounts previously and are using another email address, try all valid email addresses.

How can I change my personal details?

When you are logged into enrolmy, the menu to the left of the screen allows you to change some of your personal information. You will see you can change your Email Address, your Password, however all other information is changed via the enrolment form. To find this, select My Providers, under My Bookings, select the provider name, then the enrolment form, now you can work through each section to make your changes. Once completed save your changes and this information automatically updates with the providers database.

I think I may have created a duplicate account and profiles for my children in error, who can I talk to?

In the first instance contact your provider as simply archiving them or making notes on one account to determine the active one may be sufficient, any further issues either contact us or the provider can for us to resolve.


Can I have one account for both parents?

Not exactly, each account has a primary contact and bill payer with a second parent, and one email address associated, you can either have two accounts each with one of you as a primary contact, and second parent on each account, with two different emails, or you can have one account as above but grant the second parent access to be able to book and pay for your children. Should you wish to do this option you can grant and revoke permissions under the MY FAMILY section, on the menu when logged into your account.

How do I cancel my account and remove all of my information?

Please contact us or your provider to advise of your wishes, we will verify with the provider and confirm details and process by email to you, and then process the removal of your account and data from all databases associated.

Can the second parent/guardian receive Enrolmy emails too?

At the moment this is not possible, however, we recommend that you forward relevant Enrolmy emails to the second parent/gaurdian when necessary from your email inbox. Also, if the primary contact grants the second parent/gaurdian access via the My Family tab. Then your second parent/guardian will be able to login to their Enrolmy account, and manage bookings this way.

Payments and invoicing

I need to discuss my outstanding balance and payments, who do I speak to?

Your provider holds all of your account information and manages their own activities and business, please discuss this directly with them.

I have not received an invoice for my child's Before and After School Care, what do I do?

Contact them directly as they do their own invoicing and activity management, they do typically invoice in arrears.

I was on a waiting list, now my place has been confirmed, when, and how do pay?

When your place is confirmed, the provider will notify you and send you an invoice for payment shortly after.

Can I book my child in for an activity, but pay at a later date?

This will depend on the provider and the type of activity, before/after school care is managed differently to other programmes and typically invoices in arrears. Please contact your provider to discuss your options, in most cases your booking is not confirmed until payment has been made.

I have tried to pay an invoice but it is saying I am not authorised to do so?

This happens when you are trying to pay and access an invoice that is held on another account, your partners for example, each account has a primary contact and bill payer and one email address associated, you cannot access emails under you own account for example. You will either need your partners account details to login and access, or they will have to access this and pay themselves.

Can I pay by Bank Transfer instead of Credit Card?

Not if the provider is credit card only you would have to call them to discuss, but Yes if they offer both options, there will be bank details contained on your invoice from the provider for online bank transfers where applicable if they accept this as a method of payment, some are credit card only, but most have both.

Can I pay by Credit Card when there is no option shown?

If you are not prompted to pay by card it may mean that the provider has not chosen to set themselves up just yet to accept card payments, please do let us know so that we can discuss this with the provider.

Can I pay by Amex?

The credit card payment option currently does NOT accept Amex cards.

There is an error notice when trying to pay, who do I speak to?

Firstly please ensure you double check the card number in case you have transposed figures, also ensure it has not expired and you do not have any blocks or restrictions on your card. Otherwise, contact us with any credit card issues so we can establish the reasons why, and resolve if all other avenues have been checked.

Enrolment / Safety form

I cannot move through the enrolment form it is not accepting the details and is stuck.


This can happen often as sometimes you may miss information or add it incorrectly, firstly check the following common errors:
1. Home and mobile telephone numbers are in the correct columns, eg, it will not allow a mobile no to be entered into the home field.
2. If you only have one number and it is requesting both, the provider will need to change the settings on their enrolment form, so please contact them to advise.
3. Ensure that when you enter a school name you enter the class also and year, it will require these.
4. Ensure all email address are valid email addresses.

I keep receiving emails stating I have not completed my enrolment when I have, why is this?


Sometimes you may think they are complete but it may be missing something small such as the school room number or a telephone number, however in the case of a bug it is advisable to contact your provider so they can check, they can also add in any missing information for you, or you can log in, select the providers name from the left menu on your account, then the enrolment and go through each section to check. If you have already done this there may be a technical reason for us to investigate.

I do not want to complete all of the personal details online for the enrolment form, what do I do?

Please contact the provider directly, they can print out a hard copy form for you to complete the information that way, but they will require this before the session.

Who can access my personal information, and how securely is it held?

As the provider of the software we have adapted the enrolment process to be specific around the provider being the primary caregiver of the children for the period of their activity/booking. This has been driven mainly by the legal requirements and the information a provider must hold on the child and parents/caregiver, in order to be compliant in their business. The children and their safety and well-being is paramount to each organisation. Your information is not shared with any other third party outside of the regulatory and authorised personnel.

Registering with Enrolmy
Making a Booking
Changing a booking
Managing your account
Payment and invoicing
Enrolment / Safety form
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